Maintenance 4.0

The service experience of tomorrow

Self-services, service bots, smartglasses & Co. - read our e-book to find out what you need to know about the trends for the customer portal and field service.


Processes and customer expectations in service and maintenance are currently changing dramatically: On the one hand, machines and systems are becoming intelligent and generating large amounts of data that can be used for service and maintenance. But customer expectations are also rising. People who use Google to fill in gaps in their private knowledge, ask Siri about the weather, or comfortably shop online while sitting on the sofa also expect transparency, control, and as much autonomy as possible in their professional lives. What is needed is fast, uncomplicated and smooth service, preferably 24/7. But what are the options for taking your company's customer service to the next level? What are the benefits of a seamless customer experience in maintenance? Find answers to these questions and much more in our e-book.

Learn how service & maintenance offerings can be digitally optimized in our e-book:

  • How to create a modern and successful service, how it benefits the customer and which aspects need to be taken into account.
  • Customer Portal & Field Service Management. Solutions that support the realization of a seamless customer experience.
  • Internet of Things in Maintenance. How conneced data can reduce the cost of error analysis and make maintenance more efficient.