Digital service as a success factor

Opportunities for mechanical and plant engineering

Offers placed on the market are becoming more and more similar, and the quality of products is also becoming increasingly similar. Innovative services are therefore the key to sustainable success in many industries and the generation of a competitive advantage over the strong competition. However, there is still a lot of unused potential in the service sector. Discover the service world of the future now and find out what concrete potential benefits it can provide for mechanical and plant engineering.

Innovative service processes save time and money

In mechanical and plant engineering, digitalization is creating new types of service and sales opportunities, which is why innovative services in mechanical engineering will no longer be just a nice extra but an increased source of revenue for the main business in the future.

This whitepaper covers the current top trends in terms of digitalization in mechanical and plant engineering. It tells you which potentials should be exploited now in order to be able to successfully up- and cross-sell in the future and thus increase sales, efficiency and transparency and save costs and time. Learn more about:

  • the creation of new digital business models and the development of innovative service processes in plant and machine construction.
  • the efficient monitoring of machines and processes and the prevention of machine failures in real time (predictive maintenance).
  • The minimization of downtimes, the stabilization of production and the reduction of maintenance costs through innovative services.
  • the potential of digital twins, beacons, data glasses, etc. for machine and plant manufacturers.
  • the possibilities of digitalization to increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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