Inspire with digital shopping and service ideas

In the future, there will be no alternative to e-commerce in mechanical and plant engineering. Covid-19 has shown what great potential modern e-commerce platforms provide for machine and plant manufacturers: From the way procurement is carried out to the introduction of B2C purchasing models, virtually not a single stone will be left unturned. Learn more about the trend in mechanical and plant engineering par excellence.

Requirements, applications, trends and benefits for machine and plant construction

This whitepaper discusses the key topic of e-commerce in mechanical and plant engineering and explains where the biggest opportunities, potential and challenges lie for the industry in terms of e-commerce and what steps and thought processes need to be considered when introducing e-commerce platforms in mechanical and plant engineering. You will also learn:

  • what the status quo is in the machinery and plant engineering industry and where is untapped potential.
  • what e-commerce can bring to the mechanical and plant engineering industry in economic terms and what needs to be taken into account during implementation.
  • how to integrate new e-commerce platforms perfectly into existing systems and thus ensure greater efficiency and transparency.
  • what omni-channel approaches have to do with machine and plant manufacturers.
  • what the absolute future trends are that machine and plant builders need to prepare for now.