Challenge Service 4.0

current service trends for service providers

90% of customers worldwide expect self-service offerings, but not all service providers are ready to provide self-service portals to their customers today. This white paper addresses the expectations of the customer 4.0 and shows how service providers can successfully meet them.

open up new service worlds

Keyword Service 4.0: The digitalization of customer service is becoming increasingly important, trends in customer service are many. But is it worth pursuing them? And with which goal in mind? Of course, all companies want to offer their customers the best possible service, optimize service processes and, last but not least, increase customer satisfaction.

How to tackle these topics, which opportunities arise from the digitalization of customer service and many other topics you can read in the whitepaper:

  • How to avoid the service gap: 80% of companies think they offer good service, only 8% of customers agree.
  • Why digitalization is particularly worthwhile for service providers.
  • How you can use self-service portals, live chats, chatbots, social care and the crowd for your customer service.
  • Why you should consider such challenges in service as speed, mobility, flexibility, individuality, networking of touchpoints, knowledge databases and customer experience management.

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