Optimizing visibility without advertising – at Villiger, sales representatives accomplish thiswith the help of intelligent solutions.

The long-established company Villiger Söhne GmbH, a well-known manufacturer of cigars and cigarillos, has worked with All for One Customer Experience to implement an innovative system for more efficient sales force planning and support for systematic visit execution. The complex customer structure and up to 10,000 visit specifications per quarter required an individual solution in the SAP Sales Cloud. All for One Customer Experience completely redeveloped the visit specification management in the SAP Sales Cloud for this purpose.

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Smoking delight since 1888 – Villiger is a company with a long tradition. It origins is in Pfeffikon, Switzerland. Expansion into neighbouring Germany and the founding of the subsidiary took place in 1910. Today, the company has over 1600 employees worldwide, with production facilities in Germany, Switzerland,Brazil, Nicaragua and Indonesia as well as distribution sites in Germany, Switzerland, France and the US.
In addition to machine-made cigars and cigarillos, the product range also includes hand-rolled cigars made in the Caribbean, for example from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Nicaragua and Honduras.

However, it is not only in the field of tobacco products that the company has proven to be an outright pioneer. Resource planning has been carried out using an ERP system since the 1990s. Then as now, Villiger has been relying on SAP solutions.This is also the case in Germany, where a small team of sales experts deals with more than 35,000 retailers every year.

The primary task of the sales force is optimising the visibility of Villiger cigars and cigarillos. How often individual retail outlets are visited within a year largely depends on various actors. The size of the product displays, humidor maintenanceand the positioning of the competition are just some of the factors that go into planning on-site visits.

The complex customer structure and up to 10,000 visit specifications per quarter required an individual solution in the SAP Sales Cloud.

What you can expect

The case study describes the initial situation of the manufacturing company and shows the way to the innovative system for efficient field service planning as well as support for systematic visit execution.

Learn more about the advantages of Villiger's visit control system and why the sales force now likes to use it. Easier visit planning, intuitive operation, user-friendliness, greater customer proximity, high user acceptance, recording of customer orders on site, transfer of survey data into the system in real time. These are just some of the advantages of this customized solution. You will get a compact overview of the biggest challenges, the most important lessons learned during the implementation as well as the key success factors of the project. The most important of these is the partnership-based cooperation with the service provider All for One Customer Experience.


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