Ensuring growth with a 360-degree customer view

How Stiegelmeyer is gradually expanding its customer portal and streamlining both internal and external processes.

Long-term spare parts warranty, complex, highly customizable products in critical environments and a a global, reliably served customer base: This requires a dedicated customer service with comprehensively provided information, also for the company's own employees. With the customer and service portal based on SAP Commerce Cloud, the specialist for medical beds and furniture creates a 360-degree customer view according to the guiding principle of "One Face to the Customer". This forms a milestone for even more reliability and a step into the digital future

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The Stiegelmeyer Group builds and sells high-quality beds and furniture for hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and home care. Around 125,000 beds are manufactured each year - with a spare parts guarantee of 15 years. For this purpose, 20,000 parts are in stock. The Stiegelmeyer Group is headquartered in Herford in East Westphalia. Further production sites are located in Germany and Poland. With a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors, the group of companies is internationally oriented.

The beds produced are complex systems that comply with the latest legal standards such as the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR). They are designed to have the lowest possible downtimes and thus downtimes in sensitive, personal areas of use under all circumstances and can be combined very individually.

Digitalization trends are also beginning to take hold in the healthcare sector, challenging Stiegelmeyer and its processes. That is why Stiegelmeyer has opted for a customer and service portal based on SAP Commerce Cloud as a key component of its digitalization strategy. The aim is to help customers help themselves and provide them with information more quickly. This is a great competitive advantage for Stiegelmeyer and at the same time relieves the service staff.

What you can expect

The case study highlights the initial situation and shows the path to a digital customer and service portal including a spare parts store and advice function in the form of a chatbot as an important component of the digitalization strategy.

With the SAP Commerce Cloud, Stiegelmeyer has embarked on a path that leads away from company-specific applications towards more standardization and a more homogeneous IT environment.

Using B4B's own development Equipment Viewer, all information on the respective bed including installed components is now bundled in the portal. This 2D exploded view makes it much easier to order the right spare part. Likewise, the service technician on site can call up all relevant product information as well as installation instruction videos in an offline-compatible app at any time.

Furthermore, you get a compact overview of the biggest challenges, the most important lessons learned during implementation, and the key success factors of the project.


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